Milan Moves to Extend Theo Hernandez’s Contract, Quelling Transfer Rumours

In a bid to stave off transfer speculation surrounding Theo Hernandez, AC Milan is readying a contract renewal offer.

To prevent the growing market rumours, specifically those linked to Bayern Munich who are reportedly serious in their interest in Hernandez.

With speculations rife and whispers of a move to the German giants, Bayern Munich, AC Milan is heading off such talks by preparing an enticing offer to renew Hernandez’s contract.

AC Milan is certainly not taking the Bayern Munich interest lightly and are willing to take proactive measures in keeping their star player. However, whether Hernandez will accept the offer or sow his wild oats elsewhere is yet to be seen.

In this transfer tug-of-war, Milan’s pre-emptive strike could potentially secure Hernandez’s future at the club or at the very least, command a higher price in the market if Bayern Munich decides to pursue the player.

As of now, all eyes remain on AC Milan and their reactive stance to the transfer rumours. It’s a challenge in itself to silence the market talk, but with a well-planned contract renewal, they might be able to hold on to Hernandez for the foreseeable future.

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