Leao Made Decision on His Future in Milan

In a recent announcement, AC Milan’s star player, Rafael Leao, has confirmed his intention to stay with the club, putting a stop to any transfer speculations. According to ‘Gazzetta dello Sport’, the future of the Portuguese striker lies with the Milan club.

AC Milan has expressed their eagerness to hold onto Rafael Leao, who recently returned to scoring in the Serie A game against Atalanta last Sunday. The young player has also just launched his new book, ‘Smile’, marking a significant milestone in his personal life.

In a significant revelation, Leao confided in Furlani, the CEO of Milan, his wish to stay on for the next season. In turn, Furlani affirmed that there is no transfer market price for the player unless it reaches the 175 million mark set by the release clause. In such a scenario, the decision would rest with the former Lille player himself. No major shakeups are expected at this point.

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