Milan, Kjaer: Today the victory mattered more than the performance

AC Milan defender Simon Kjaer spoke to Sky Sport after his team’s victory against Sassuolo at San Siro.

“We are happy with the three points, they are very important to us,” Kjaer said, as per his interview with Sky Sport. He also stated the clean sheet specifics that matter to a defender, “Especially for a defender, winning 1-0 is always a good thing.”

Kjaer made it clear that the win was of utmost importance, even if they had played better games before. Additionally, he mentioned his wellbeing by stating, “I am doing well.”

When discussing his teammate Theo Hernandez, Kjaer had high praises. He instructed Hernandez, “The only thing I told him is to stay close to me and follow me.” Kjaer complemented Hernandez’s gameplay and said, “It’s easy to play with him, he is a great player.”

Kjaer also commented on Simic who is making strides in his game. “Simic? A ready player, I saw him for the first time this summer and he impressed me during a 4v4 training session. He entered with personality against Theo,” Kjaer described. He emphasized Simic’s work ethic both on and off the field and signed off by praising Simic’s potential to grow with experience, “He always works hard, both on and off the field, extremely professional… A great player who can grow with experience.”

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