Milan, Furlani: Here’s what I think of the January Market

Giorgio Furlani, CEO of AC Milan, shared his thoughts on the loss against Atalanta in an interview with Sky Sport.

Furlani expressed disappointment at the defeat. He was quoted saying, “It’s good to be in the race until the end, we would have preferred to still be in the Champions League, in the Coppa Italia and to be better positioned in the league.” He referred to certain incidents during the night’s match that heavily influenced the outcome.

On the issue of reinforcements from the transfer market, Furlani confirmed AC Milan has signed two players in defence, Gabbia and Terracciano. The market has been open for ten days, stated Furlani, and he did not rule out the possibility of further acquisitions. He said, “we are always open to opportunities, if there are opportunities, we will seize them.”, jokingly stating the club’s commitment to optimizing the ongoing shopping window.

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