Milan fans thrilled by positive Zirkzee update from Germany

Reports from Germany have thrilled AC Milan fans with news about Milan’s pursuit of Joshua Zirkzee.

AC Milan have not given up on their target, Zirkzee. The Dutch forward, currently representing the Netherlands at the European Championship, remains the top candidate for Milan’s striking options.

However, the negotiation is struggling to take off due to a demand of €15 million from the Dutch club.

“We are very interested in Zirkzee, but the current evaluation is a hurdle,” a source close to the negotiations revealed to an Italian news outlet.

This stalemate has not dampened the spirits of the Milan faithful, who remain optimistic about landing Zirkzee this transfer window.

The club is reportedly considering various strategies to meet the financial demands while also satisfying their budget constraints.

“Finding a middle ground is crucial,” another source added. “Zirkzee’s potential makes this a priority for us.”

As the European Championship progresses, Milan fans will be eagerly watching their potential new star shine on the international stage, hoping for a breakthrough in negotiations soon.

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