Milan fans reportedly dream of Depay-Morata offensive pair in latest transfer update

AC Milan have emerged as strong contenders in the transfer market with a potential double swoop for Memphis Depay and Alvaro Morata, exciting fans and fuelling their aspirations.

Depay is one of the forwards being considered by Milan, even though Morata remains the primary target.

There’s speculation that in the upcoming Serie A season, Milan might aim to field both strikers together.

SkySport’s Luca Marchetti commented on the situation.

“The Milan management are evaluating Depay closely, but Morata is still the main objective,” he said.

Marchetti did not rule out the possibility of both players joining the Rossoneri, hinting at a formidable attacking partnership.

“In football, you can never say never,” Marchetti added. “The combination of Depay and Morata is something that could very well happen.”

Milan supporters are already dreaming of the potential impact this duo could have on their team’s performance next season.

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