Milan distance themselves from Zirkzee in surprising move

The latest on AC Milan’s interest in Joshua Zirkzee, the Dutch striker from Bologna, has surfaced with new developments.

According to today’s edition of La Repubblica, securing Joshua Zirkzee is becoming increasingly challenging for AC Milan.

The difficulty does not stem from the transfer fee, given the 40 million euro release clause.

“Milan’s pursuit of Zirkzee faces hurdles,” a source close to the club revealed to La Repubblica.

The source added, “Negotiations are proving tough despite the clearly outlined financial terms.”

It appears that other factors are complicating the prospective deal.

“We are evaluating our options,” an insider from Milan’s management stated.

Bologna remains firm on their asking price, showing no signs of willingness to negotiate a lower fee.

As contract stipulations stand, Milan may need to explore alternative strategies if they wish to bolster their attacking lineup with Zirkzee.

Stay tuned as we keep a close watch on this developing transfer saga.

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