Milan Considers Surprise Replacement for Maignan as Contract Talks Get Challenging

Milan are engaged in challenging contract extension talks with Maignan; this has led to the Italian giants keeping a close eye on Monza’s goalkeeper Di Gregorio, reports reveal.

The Milan side is grappling with the repeal of the “Growth Decree”, adding a layer of complexity to their contract extension negotiations with the goalkeeper, Maignan. To extend Maignan’s contract to 2028, a substantial pay rise from the existing 2.8 million Euros to approximately 7-8 million Euros per season is in order. An agreement seems hard to reach.

Amidst this, Milan scouts have honed in on the neighbouring Brianza where Michele Di Gregorio has been shining for months. The Monza goalkeeper has emerged as the best-performing goalie in the current Series A season. His breakthrough is significantly drawing attention.

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