Mihajlovic photo missing from Lazio story in Corriere dello Sport: Zazzaroni apologises

In a recent special issue of the Corriere dello Sport dedicated to the late Sinisa Mihajlovic, the paper unfortunately failed to include pictures of the legendary defender in a Lazio shirt. Instead, images of Mihajlovic donning the Roma kit were featured, sparking considerable backlash among loyal Lazio supports.

During an interview on Radio Deejay, the newspaper’s editor, Ivan Zazzaroni, took full responsibility for the oversight. “I owe an apology to Lazio fans. Sinisa passed away a year ago, and we all know under what circumstances. In the page featuring my article published today, there are two pictures of him in a Roma jersey. This was a mistake by one of our contributors, but as the editor in chief, I take full responsibility,” Ivan stated.

Zazzaroni went on to affirm the regard he and his publication have for Mihajlovic. “The contributor has also apologized, but it’s important for me to emphasize that Sinisa was and will always remain a Lazio icon. There was no intention to slight or downplay his significance. I have read many absurd things in past hours, but this was a technical error. I understand the upset sentiments of Lazio fans; it only highlights their passionate love for Sinisa.”

The editor also expressed his regret over the incident and how it may have tarnished the proper remembrance of the footballing icon. “I’ve talked to Arianna, I know his children well, I wanted to attend the memorial this morning but I couldn’t make it due to my radio obligation. I’m deeply saddened by what has happened because this error somewhat spoils a moment of remembrance. It is a mistake, and I apologize.” Zazzaroni concluded.

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