MBAPPÉ’s potential earnings at Real Madrid could include a vast signing bonus, seasonal bonuses, and a fixed salary

Here are all the figures regarding Mbappé’s transfer to Real Madrid: he will be the highest-paid player in the squad, but here’s how much he will earn.

Il Corriere dello Sport has crunched the numbers on the Mbappé deal. Although the exact details of the entire transaction remain undisclosed, a source close to the matter stated, “No figures have been leaked from Real, but the free agent Mbappé, who has won seven league titles in his home country, will be a marquee signing.”

The French star, who is set to join the Spanish giants, will be commanding an unprecedented salary.

Sources within Real Madrid confirm that Mbappé’s arrival is considered a significant boost for the team, both on and off the pitch.

Mbappé’s wages are expected to eclipse those of any current squad member, making him the highest-paid player at the club.

His dominant performance in Ligue 1 and his marketability as a global sports icon are key factors driving the lucrative deal.

The forward is poised to make an indelible mark at Real Madrid, aiming to bring his prowess and flair to La Liga and the European competitions.

This high-profile transfer has been in the works for months, with rumours and speculations rife among fans and pundits alike.

Real Madrid supporters are eagerly anticipating Mbappé donning the iconic white jersey, confident that his presence will invigorate the team’s attacking force.

Mbappé’s move to Real Madrid appears to set a new benchmark in football transfers, underlining the club’s ambition and financial muscle.

The player will not only be a valuable addition on the field but is also expected to amplify Real Madrid’s brand value and global reach.

As always, we will be closely monitoring any further developments and official announcements in this groundbreaking transfer saga.

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