Mazzocchi bids farewell to Salernitana: Says he’s simply seized an opportunity

Pasquale Mazzocchi, a player for Salernitana, has bid farewell to his fans via his official social media profiles ahead of a move to Napoli.

In a heartfelt message, Mazzocchi reminisced about the great moments he shared with Salernitana and their passionate fans. “I’m here today to remember the beautiful moments this club and fan base has given me. You welcomed me as one of your own, and I tried in every way to return the warmth you gave to me every day I set foot on the field,” he said.

Mazzocchi, known for his relentless determination, expressed his gratitude for the experiences that shaped his character. “I have always tried to push myself beyond each day because that is who I am,” he shared, attributing the values instilled in him by his parents for his passionate attitude.

The player spoke candidly about his plans to transition to Napoli, stating that it was not his intention to disappoint fans, but rather an opportunity to fulfill a personal dream. “It is an opportunity to wear the jersey of my city, the jersey I’ve dreamt of since I was a boy,” he said.

Mazzocchi expressed his profound love for Salernitana and extended his well wishes to the young fans hoping to play for the team someday. He fondly recalled his pride in becoming the first player in the history of the club to wear the Salernitana jersey as an Italian national. He credited his achievements and the realization of his dream to Salernitana and its ardent fans.

The player also expressed his gratitude to president Danilo Iervolino for facilitating his move from Venezia and director Walter Sabatini for recognizing his potential. He thanked his teammates for their support and wished them good luck for the remainder of the season.

In his closing remarks, Mazzocchi thanked the city and the staff working behind the scenes, hoping that he has left them something significant to remember. “I hope to have left you something important. Thank you for everything,” he concluded.

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