Mauro remembers Vialli: A hero during months of illness

Massimo Mauro has paid tribute to his late friend and former teammate, Gianluca Vialli, one year after his passing. In an interview with Italian daily, La Stampa, Mauro shared fond memories of Vialli, the ex-Juventus captain.

He revealed, “Becoming the president of Sampdoria was his biggest regret, which he confessed to me before he passed away. He had only two loves – Sampdoria and Juventus.”

According to Mauro, Vialli turned away many other opportunities out of respect for his history with Juventus. Parma offered him 4.5 billion over three years, with a set-up where Vialli would have been coach under technical director Sacchi.

Yet Vialli remained committed to his former clubs. Mauro was particularly moved by Vialli’s dignity during his final months battling illness. Directly quoting from his own words, Mauro stated, “I saw him naked, he was only skin and bones, but he never allowed himself any self-pity.”

The football world continues to mourn the loss of Vialli, while his former comrades carry his memory in stories like these.

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