Maurizio Zanella: Reveals Adriano Galliani’s Greatest Pain

Maurizio Zanella, a prominent figure in both the wine and football industries, has spoken fondly of his friendship with football executive Adriano Galliani.

Zanella, born in 1956, is the founder and president of prominent winery Ca’ del Bosco. In an interview published today in Corriere della Sera, Zanella discussed his relationship with Galliani, a well-known name in the football world.

In the interview, he described Galliani as a “true friend.” He stated, “He is exceedingly loyal, even in his wine choices, which he never changes, regardless of my teasing that it’s boring!”

Zanella also highlighted Galliani’s serious side, indirectly alluding to his tenure at AC Milan Football Club. “He demonstrated his seriousness by not discussing in his book the thing that most distressed him, the dismantling of his Milan.”

This statement suggests how deeply Galliani cared about his role at the club and his reluctance to reveal the inner workings and potential struggles faced during his stewardship.

Sources from this story are obtained from an interview with Zanella in Corriere della Sera.

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