Matri: Juve haunted by Genoa ghosts, three points weighty

Former Juventus forward, Alessandro Matri, has analyzed Juventus’ victory over Frosinone in an exclusive with Dazn.

Reflecting on the game, Matri recalls, “We were seeing the ghosts of Genoa again. In the first half, Juve could have sealed it earlier, they had opportunities with Kostic, then they risked making it complicated.” The repercussions of the match carried echoes of the tension faced during a previous encounter with Genoa.

Matri went on to praise Frosinone’s efforts in the second half. In his words, he describes, “Frosinone took to the field with courage in the second half, these are complicated games to bring home.” Frosinone’s assertive gameplay was not lost on the former striker.

However, Matri emphasized the significance of Juventus’ victory, attributing their success to their tactical substitutions. He said “Today, Juve managed to secure the win with the changes, these are three important points.” Juventus’ strategy and flexibility proved to be crucial for their triumph, according to the Italian forward.

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