Massimo Mauro Responds to Mourinho: If He Wants an Enemy, I…

The feud between Mourinho and Massimo Mauro shows no sign of cooling down. After recent controversies stirred by Mourinho, Mauro has now responded on Mediaset.

When asked by Mediaset, Mauro said, “I don’t have to repeat anything I said ten days ago. There is respect for Mourinho.” He implied that the esteemed Roma coach is engrossed in creating adversaries where none exist. “If we talk about football, I’ll listen to him for a month straight, but if he needs an enemy, I’m not available. I can’t be anyone’s enemy.”

Mauro praised Mourinho’s knack for communication and acknowledged that there must be reasons for his actions. However, he stood firm on the fact that his role is to provide unbiased commentary, not to fuel rivalries. “He knows his business. He’s a great communicator, and if he’s done what he’s done, he’ll have his reasons.”

The former Juventus player maintained his stance on the essentiality of respecting all parties involved in the sport. He stated, “What I’ve said is my job. I’ve always respected everyone.”

The latest response from Mauro is a part of an ongoing controversial saga involving Jose Mourinho, hinting more at a battle of words rather than football strategies.

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