Martinez Quarta: “Italian football has given me more freedom. I would like to take Fiorentina to the Champions League.”

Lucas Martinez Quarta, Fiorentina’s central defender, recently opened up about his experience with the club in an interview with the club’s official channels.

The Argentine player, expressing his pride at reaching the semifinals of the Coppa Italia, said, “It’s a very important milestone for me and I’m proud to have achieved it. Wearing this jersey is beautiful – it’s a club with so much history and many Argentinians. Achieving this milestone is really important.”

Discussing his life in Italy, Quarta commented on his comfortable adaptation to the country along with his family. He emphasized how their integration into the city, with his children attending school and building friendships, provided him crucial tranquillity to focus on his job.

The rapport with fans wasn’t left unmentioned. Quarta expressed his pleasure in interacting with fans around the city, stating such encounters encouraged him that he was performing well. “I am enchanted by these fans, they always support us. It’s important, it motivates us.”

When asked about his closest teammates, Quarta mentioned Nico, Gino, and Lucas – fellow Argentinians. He spoke of their shared connection, often spending time together and enjoying social activities such as drinking mate.

Quarta also spoke highly of Italiano, who had helped him become a scoring defender. “As far as goals are concerned, this is my best season. I’ve scored 5 goals so far,” he revealed, reminiscing about a match with Atalanta that fuelled his enthusiasm for contributing through goals. Nonetheless, he emphasized that his primary duty is defensive.

Lastly, the Argentine shared his positive relationship with Commisso, the president of the club, who he says “cares a lot about us” and “is always close to the squad.” He also added his belief in the importance of gradual development, expressing his goal of getting Fiorentina into the Champions League. Yet he cautioned, “We are having a great season but we must stay grounded. The truth is, we need to continue to grow day by day.”

The interview concluded with photo credits given to Fiorentina’s Twitter account.

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