Marotta: “Zielinski? We’re Active but We Haven’t Reached an Agreement”. Inter’s Plan Since November.

In an interview with Sky Sport, Inter Milan’s CEO, Giuseppe Marotta, spoke about the club’s transfer activities ahead of their face-off against Monza.

“We are the most prolific attack with 48 goals; the whole team contributed. I don’t see any issues. Our offensive department assures us for the rest of the season,” Marotta stated. Although he confirmed that Inter Milan is always vigilant for opportunities in the transfer market, he dismissed the ongoing transfer speculations about Piotr Zielinski. Marotta explained, “Since January, we have had the opportunity to contact players whose contracts are expiring, but we have not reached any agreement yet.” The source of Marotta’s comments is Sky Sport.

Marotta also emphasized the stability and advantage that Thuram and Lautaro have brought to the team. “With them on the team, we are comfortable. Furthermore, we have built a department with great experience,” he said. He defended Arnautovic, who did not perform well against Verona, arguing that one poor match should not condemn him.

He highlighted that Inzaghi’s game plan also rewards other players in different roles and assured that there are no problems within the team.

Speaking about their rivals, Juventus, Marotta noted their strong competitive edge, “They have Allegri who has experience and is a crucial component. He has instilled a great mentality.” Yet, he also pointed out that this should serve as a motivation for Inter Milan as one can always slip-up.

Marotta concluded the interview by stressing the need for continuity and skill in his team. He showed scepticism that a direct clash would be decisive.

The picture, Inter’s site, and the article origin, are credited to Alfredo Pedullà.

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