Marotta: It’s Been a Very Important Year

Beppe Marotta, the CEO of the sports area of Inter and the President of the Italian sports directors’ association, Adise, has reflected on the passing year in a post on the association’s Instagram page. This has been an important year for Adise, despite the challenges it faced.

“It has been an important year for our association, and all this has been made possible thanks to the contribution and dedication we have shown in upholding the common values of sport,” Marotta was quoted in his Instagram post.

Christmas, according to Marotta, is an opportune time for reflection on the accomplishments of the expiring year and certainly to strategically plan for the future with optimism and hope.

“Christmas is a special time, an opportunity to reflect on the results achieved during the year that is about to end and definitely to plan for the future with optimism and hope,” he said.

It is clear that the top administrators at Adise are optimistic about the future of their association and that they draw motivation from the solidarity and mutual support of its members and stakeholders against the backdrop of the past challenging year.

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