Maradona Jr said he was disappointed because he saw a team inferior to Napoli dominate at the Maradona stadium

Diego Armando Maradona Jr, coach of FC Pompei, spoke to Radio Kiss Kiss about Napoli’s defeat against Fiorentina. In his words, he expressed disappointment as he witnessed a team dominating at the Maradona stadium that was, in his opinion, inferior to Napoli. He did not approve of how the Azzurri interpreted the game, nor did he agree with the coach’s decisions. Regarding Meret, he noticed the goalkeeper facing criticism from fans. Maradona Jr. stated that he was unsure if Meret was at fault for Valverde’s goal, but it was evident that the goalkeeper was not feeling calm at the moment. He also mentioned that some of the blame might lie with those who criticize Meret unnecessarily, as he believes that a calm and focused mindset is required to avoid conceding goals like yesterday’s.

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