Manchester United reportedly targets Zirkzee, potentially outmaneuvering Milan.

The latest updates on the future of Joshua Zirkzee, the Dutch striker currently playing for Bologna, reveal that he is on the radar of Manchester United and AC Milan.

According to a report by The Athletic, Manchester United have placed Joshua Zirkzee at the top of their list for attacking options.

The continued tenure of Erik ten Hag, who holds his fellow countryman in high regard, could play a pivotal role in this decision.

An insider close to the negotiations mentioned, “Ten Hag’s influence cannot be understated in this potential transfer,” as was reported by The Athletic.

Meanwhile, AC Milan have also expressed significant interest in securing the services of the young striker.

One Milan representative noted, “Zirkzee fits perfectly into our plans for rejuvenation and tactical depth.”

It remains to be seen how the ongoing discussions will unfold.

The respective clubs will have to negotiate with Bologna to determine the final terms of any deal.

Both Manchester United and AC Milan are keen to strengthen their attacking line-ups, making Zirkzee a highly sought-after prospect this transfer window.

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