Luvumbo’s agent confirms contact from Serie A, Ligue 1 and Premier League clubs

Edson Queiroz, agent to Cagliari’s forward Zito Luvumbo, has discussed his client’s future in a recent interview with

Speaking about Luvumbo’s potential, Queiroz said, “We are very happy with everything that Zito has done so far. In fact, I believe he has not yet reached 30% of his potential. I am sure that he will achieve and give us a lot of satisfaction”.

Queiroz also revealed that multiple football clubs from Serie A, Ligue 1, and the Premier League have shown interest in the player, implying the high regard for the work that Luvumbo has been putting in. He stated that this varied attention was a clear indication of many companies recognising the excellent work of Zito.

As to what will happen next, Queiroz simply said, “We’ll see what happens”.

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