Lukaku reportedly decides on his future destination, expresses desire to join specific team

Romelu Lukaku: The Striker Has a Preference

Romelu Lukaku is ready to remain in Italy, and in terms of the transfer market, the Belgian forward has a very specific destination in mind.

According to Sky Sport 24, however, the Belgian striker has a slight preference for Napoli.

Sources suggest that despite numerous interests from other clubs, Lukaku’s inclination towards Napoli is significant.

“Lukaku has a keen interest in joining Napoli,” a source close to the player revealed to Sky Sport 24.

The reasons behind Lukaku’s preference for Napoli were also disclosed.

“Napoli’s playing style suits Lukaku perfectly, and he is confident that joining the club will help him achieve his career goals,” added the source.

This revelation comes at a time when Lukaku’s future has been the subject of intense speculation, with fans eagerly awaiting any news of his next move.

It remains to be seen if Lukaku’s preference will align with the final decisions made during the transfer window.

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