Lookman and Koopmeiners’ valuation set by Atalanta remains firm

Atalanta have set their valuation for both Teun Koopmeiners and Ademola Lookman amid growing transfer speculation.

The Italian side remains firm in its stance, with the club well-known for its reluctance to part ways with key players unless absolutely necessary.

Rumours have been circulating that Atalanta might be forced to offload one of their prized assets.

However, club sources have strongly refuted such claims.

“There is absolutely no need for Atalanta to sell any of their key players,” stated an insider, as reported by the club’s official communication channels.

The source further explained that Atalanta, financially stable and clear in their objectives, have no pressing need to balance their books through significant player sales.

As the transfer market buzzes with activity, the valuations set by Atalanta for Koopmeiners and Lookman might serve as a deterrent for potential suitors.

Both players have been pivotal to the club’s recent successes, and their departure could significantly impact the team’s performance.

For now, the message emanating from Atalanta is one of steadfastness and confidence in their current squad.

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