Lentini Scouts for Monza under Galliani, Focuses on Milan

Former Serie A footballer, Gianluigi Lentini, has shared insights into his relationship with football since his retirement, in an interview with La Repubblica.

Discussing his current role in the beautiful game, Lentini revealed he has re-discovered football after having been away for a while. He elaborated further, “I do scouting in Piemonte for Monza’s Dr. Galliani, whom I met during my rossoneri years and who has always been close to me. I enjoy going to watch the matches of the youngsters to spot hidden gems.”

Reflecting on his past, Lentini reminisced about Torino’s memorable season during the UEFA cup final against Ajax. He said, “It was a formidable season. We also taught Real Madrid a football lesson. Then there was Mondonico, an exceptional man. When he wanted me at Atalanta in the second part of my career, he called and asked: ‘Gigi, have you finished your holidays? Do you want to join us?’ It went very well. I felt like myself again.”

Lentini also spoke about his time at Milan, dismissing the notion that it was a disappointing experience. He argued that winning his first Scudetto was an amazing experience. His perspective was largely influenced by a life-changing car accident, making him reflect, “It has already made a huge difference to not have died that night. I am alive, healthy, clear and it is enough for me. So, I am thankful for my luck.”

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