Lecce’s Ramadani: It Took Little to Convince Me, It’s the Right Team for Me

Lecce midfielder, Yiber Ramadani, has spoken candidly of his experiences this season in a recent interview with Corriere dello Sport. Ramadani, a 27 year-old Albanian international who was born in Germany, has been a pivotal player in Lecce’s successful season.

Regarding the team’s performance, he said, “Certainly, the season has started in the best possible way, but we are well aware it isn’t over yet.”

Ramadani is measured about his personal role within the team stating, “No, I wouldn’t say I am a leader because there are many in our group. Clearly, however, this role requires enormous personality. I feel comfortable, playing as a central midfielder is a position I like.” He emphasised that the team’s progress is a collective achievement, conveying that the points gained were “the result of the efforts that the group, with unity and compactness, has managed to make up to this point”.

He acknowledged Roberto D’Aversa, Manager of Lecce, highlighting his instrumental role in helping him adapt to his new responsibilities. Being the successor of Morten Hojlund was not easy, yet Ramadani said, “D’Aversa has helped me a lot. He has explained what he wants from me and in what aspects to improve. And when we talk about it together, I feel good.”

Although he has taken the place of a player as cherished as Morten, Ramadani recognises the importance of fan support: “It’s true, I have taken the place of a player like Morten, who was a favourite of the fans last year, but it is also thanks to their support that so far, I have had a significant performance. Their closeness has pushed me, day by day, to give everything on the field.”

On settling for Lecce, Ramadani revealed it wasn’t a tough decision: “With a phone call. When my agent spoke with the director, we immediately realised that Lecce was the right solution for me. Truly, it took very little…”

Speaking about his future, Ramadani stated, “At this precise moment, my first and only goal is to save Lecce, before the last matchday of the season. Then we will see what can be done, but we have a clear mission and I am focused on that.”

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