Lecce, Sticchi Damiani: We are against January market loans

Sticchi Damiani, president of Italian football club Lecce, has made some surprising statements outside the offices of Lega Serie A, the governing body of Italy’s top football league.

Damiani has addressed the rumours of Romero’s transfer from Milan, stating, “I prefer to leave this to Corvino and Trinchera.” He expresses a desire to use every session to step up the team, with an emphasis on young players and club ownership, rather than short-term loan solutions.

“Unless there are special circumstances, no loans. We are a bit against it. We have 90% of the players in ownership. Usually when we use the loan formula it allows us to always play the match of the eventual redemption,” Damiani remarked. These statements suggest a significant shift in Lecce’s strategy, hinting at a move towards long-term development of young players rather than resorting to temporary quick fixes.

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