Lecce, D’Aversa: We bring home a point, we could have lost it

Roberto D’Aversa, the coach of Lecce, expressed his disappointment during an interview with DAZN, following the draw in a match against Empoli.

“There’s regret, we were ahead. Then we take home a point and could have even lost it,” D’Aversa admitted, indicating that he had expected more from the match. According to him, the team’s lack of experience showed, with a goal resulting from unnecessary double pressure, which led to a cross and a shot hitting one of his players.

D’Aversa also praised the performance of player Piccoli, noting that he demonstrated good behaviour like the rest of the team in the first half, but less so in the follow-up. He said, “We thought we were able to secure a result. You have to win such ‘dirty’ games.”

D’Aversa also shared his thoughts on the player Banda, who he described as embodying the classic characteristics of a winger. “It’s pleasing when he scores, he has confidence and is growing. We have to be careful in managing him, he is now indispensable,” he said. These quotes were relayed directly from DAZN’s coverage.

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