Lecce, D’Aversa: Krstovic-Piccoli ballot decision unveiled

Roberto D’Aversa, the coach of Italian football club Lecce, had a pre-match press conference ahead of the match against Empoli.

D’Aversa commended the performance of his attacking line. “Roberto deserves to kick off and this time wasn’t the first. Krstovic performed well in terms of scoring,” the coach said. However, he emphasized that starting a game isn’t everything. He urged Piccoli to continue working hard regardless of the role he is given. In the past few games, Krstovic scored four goals and D’Aversa believes the team will continue to support him well. He added, “We cannot ignore the defensive phase, he performs both phases.”

Moving to the team’s current situation, D’Aversa stated, “We’re coming from three positive results. There are certain areas we can improve, but we’ve accomplished many positive things.” He suggested that these three draws could gain more significance if followed by a strong outcome. He described the upcoming match with Empoli as a very important direct clash but not a decisive one. Looking back at last season, he reflected, “The team in the third-to-last position had seven points.”

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