Lazio’s Pellegrini: I know I have the goal in my legs

Lazio’s Luca Pellegrini has spoken out following his team’s victory against Udinese. In an interview with Lazio Style Channel, Pellegrini has conveyed his ecstasy and focus during the crucial game.

“When the ball entered the goal, I couldn’t understand anything anymore,” said Pellegrini to Lazio Style Channel. He added that he was highly focused on the match, stressing the importance of taking the victory home.

Discussing a decisive penalty, Pellegrini commented on the team’s strategy. They deliberated and decided to take the shot, deeming it the most intelligent move. He also expressed his confidence to score more goals, believing that there’s more potential in him.

Pellegrini further stated that their focus was solely on this championship match. Now the team is three points off the fourth place, a position many didn’t expect given the underwhelming start of the championship.

He emphasised the importance of taking each match as a standalone event and expressed his joy over scoring for his team, something he admitted he had never imagined as a child.

What’s more, Pellegrini offered a glimpse into the team’s mindset and resolve. He indicated that while the team recognises there’s room for improvement, they have never given up, even in the face of difficulty. “We are a group of real men; it was only a matter of time,” he concluded.

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