Lazio’s Felipe Anderson on 300 appearances: Always a joy to reach major milestones

Lazio forward, Felipe Anderson, took the opportunity to express his pride after achieving a career milestone of 300 appearances for the rugby club during an interview with Ge.Globo.

Anderson reflected on his journey and the joy this milestone brings. He said, “Reaching important milestones is always a source of joy and playing 300 matches for Lazio fills me with great pride.” His comments were reported by Ge.Globo.

He went on to express satisfaction with his recent performance since he returned to the club. “Since I came back to the club, I’ve had a great time, everything’s been going really well,” Anderson told Ge.Globo.

The Lazio striker emphasised his determination to maintain this level of performance, hinting that this was only the beginning. He insists on continuing hard work, in the hopes of more positive moments in the future. Anderson’s focus is clearly on continuing his fine form, looking towards the future with optimism.

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