Lazio’s Castellanos: Goal was critical but I’m not upset, we aim to win

Valentin Castellanos, the Lazio striker, has shared his thoughts ahead of the match against Frosinone.

Speaking to Lazio Style Channel, Castellanos emphasised the importance of the three points up for grabs in the game. He explained how the team has worked hard throughout the week to ensure they can make the most of this match. “The three points are obviously important, we must achieve a positive result and start the year in the best way possible,” he said.

Referring to his personal ambitions, he touched upon the significance of scoring goals for him. However, he added, the emphasis should primarily be on supporting the team, even in difficult moments. Castellanos said that “it’s very important for me to score goals, but we must not despair even in tough times. We have had some difficult moments, but I hope that better times will arrive soon”.

Furthermore, Castellanos reflected on the year 2023, stating that it had been a good one for him. He claimed to be feeling very comfortable with his teammates and expressed optimism about finishing the year on a high note. Castellanos said, “the year 2023? It was lovely and important to me, I feel very good with all of my teammates and we hope we can achieve a great result to end the year well”.

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