Lazio triumph 3-1 over Frosinone in fateful comeback derby

In the 18th round of the 2023/2024 Serie A championship, Lazio faced off against Frosinone at the Olimpico Stadium.

The match started with an impressive counterattack from Lazio within the first 7 minutes, only to be blocked by Frosinone’s defence. Frosinone responded with some agility, but Harroui wasn’t able to find the net from his position.

In the 16th minute, Kamada of Lazio took a shot following Pellegrini’s cross, but it sailed over the bar. Lazio had another opportunity three minutes later when a cross from one end of the penalty area to the other landed with Felipe Anderson, however, his header was countered by a defending Frosinone player. Despite several attempts from Lazio, the first half ended without any goals.

The second half began with a questionable handball incident in the penalty area by Guendouzi of Lazio, which was referred to VAR by the referee. It led to a penalty for Frosinone, and Soulé converted it into the first goal of the match, leaving Lazio’s goalkeeper Provedel completely outfoxed.

In the 69th minute, Castellanos from Lazio scored a spectacular header, followed by Isaksen’s goal two minutes later, giving Lazio a comfortable lead. However, an ensuing goal by Castellanos was eventually disallowed for offside. As we approached the end of the match, Patric from Lazio sealed the victory with a confident finish on a cross in the 84th minute leading to a 3-1 victory over Frosinone.

An exquisite display in the 94th minute saw a perfect combination between Pedro and Isaksen of Lazio, hitting the crossbar and setting the tone for the end of the high-octane match.

Lazio celebrated their victory at the end of the match as Castellanos was named the Man of the Match. The match concluded with a score of Lazio 3, Frosinone 1, with goals from Soulé in the 58th minute, Castellanos in the 69th, Isaksen in the 72nd, and Patric in the 84th.

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