Lazio Transfer Market: What’s the Future for Kamada? Lotito Mulls

The future of Lazio’s midfielder, Daichi Kamada, seems uncertain after reports emerge questioning his performance. According to coverage by Il Messaggero, Lazio’s owner, Claudio Lotito, is thought to be reconsidering Kamada’s future with the club.

Japanese player Kamada, who receives a salary capped at €3m, including bonuses, has a contract due to run until 2024. However, he holds a unilateral option to extend the agreement until 2027. The abolition of the Growth Decree complicates matters. Should Lazio choose to renew his contract, they would have to pay the full gross of Kamada’s salary, bolstering the chances of a split.

While the club has not released any official statement regarding these reports, more updates are expected to surface over the next few days.

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