Lazio Transfer Market: Valeri Targeted on a Free Transfer

Lazio is hard at work to secure the signature of Emanuele Valeri from Cremonese, with his contract due to end in June. This motion comes amidst Lazio’s proactive strategy for the January transfer window under the presidency of Claudio Lotito who, in an interview with Messaggero, outlined the club’s vigilance for promising opportunities.

As reported by Corriere dello Sport, Emanuele Valeri, a 25-year-old Lazio devotee from Rome, is one of the players closely monitored by Lazio. His agent has already established contact with Lazio’s sports director, Fabiani, regarding a potential deal.

Although a potential signing seems to be on the horizon, the certainty of Valeri’s future seems less definitive. It is indicated that he may either continue with the club or be involved in other transfer market negotiations.

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