Lazio, Sarri: Regained confidence and points, but we can do better

Following Lazio’s recent victory over Empoli, manager Maurizio Sarri spoke to Dazn about his team’s performance. He admitted the win was crucial to regain both points and confidence. “Today, in addition to the three points, we hope to have gained some confidence to raise the quality of the game,” Sarri said during the post-match analysis.

The two substitutions, however, threw the team off balance. Yet after reaching a 2-0 lead, Sarri maintained that the team played with a freer mindset.

Speaking on the improved defensive attention, Sarri noted they needed to retain consistency defensively. His team, over their last seven games, recorded four victories, one draw, and two losses against Inter and Atletico.

“We only play our football in stages at the moment. With a little more calmness, we can get back to playing our style,” Sarri reflected on the team’s inconsistent performance.

Discussing individual player performance, Sarri mentioned that Luis Alberto had been struggling with a pubic issue for a month. Instead of muscular injuries, the player mainly faced tendon-related issues. Sarri hopes this would continue to be the case.

Sarri’s full post-match interview can be found on Dazn.

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