Lazio, Sarri: Dirty game, our reaction was excellent

Lazio manager Maurizio Sarri has commended his squad after their hard-earned victory over Udinese, hailing their spirit in remaining on the pitch despite the tie score. In an interview with DAZN following the match, Sarri did not shy away from stating how challenging the match had been.

“It was a tough game, a dirty game on less-than-ideal ground against a physically superior team. But I am pleased with how the boys reacted. They stayed in the game, showing a different spirit from a few months ago. After 1-1, we did not give up, and deservedly stayed on the pitch”, the Italian coach said.

As for the team’s state, Sarri confessed that Lazio is still looking for its definitive character expression. In his words, “If we are those of the last month, that’s a great deal. But that has to be our final version at the mental level.”

While providing player-specific comments, Sarri spotlighted Nicolo Rovella, suggesting that he “defends better. In the building phase, he has room for growth, he can go vertical more and lose fewer balls. I didn’t expect one able to recover so many balls. The substitutions at the interval are not punishments. Isaksen had taken a hit, Kamada was already booked in such a dirty game.”

Sarri also touched on the fitness condition of key players Ciro Immobile and Luis Alberto. Both are set to undergo assessments tomorrow, with a return to action likely set for Tuesday. Sarri noted the players’ absence is a difficult situation, but suggested that Alberto may recover faster than Imobile.

About the upcoming Derby, Sarri made his dislike for the cup formula clear but he stressed how important it is for their supporters.

Although rife with challenges, it’s clear that Sarri’s Lazio team are determined not just to participate, but to compete to their fullest capacity, regardless of the circumstances.

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