Lazio, Sarri: All going well until the second goal; Marusic’s mistake? It happens

In the aftermath of Lazio’s defeat at the hands of Inter, Lazio’s coach Maurizio Sarri voiced his thoughts. He commented to DAZN at the closing whistle of the match.

On the game, Sarri said, “The match was not good up to the first goal; it was good up to the second goal.” He added that during the first twenty minutes of the second half they kept Inter from entering their area, but the second goal cut their legs. However, he believed that the game was good for sixty minutes at the level.

He continued to express his thoughts by saying, “We were influenced by one and a half mistakes. I think the crowd booed us for past errors, not for tonight’s match. I believe this could be a good starting point for us.”

On the critical moment when Marusic made a mistake, Sarri mentioned, “When I play the ball, I play it where I see it, not where they point me. It’s a mistake.”

Responding to criticism suggesting Lazio’s game is predictable, Sarri chuckled, “It’s a clichĂ©. Barcelona won for ten years playing the same way. At Napoli, we scored many goals by continuously repeating the same action. If knowing the opponent’s teams were enough to annihilate them, it would be easy.” He remarked that the reality is they create a lot but struggle to score.

Sarri pointed out that last year they were first in the action/goal ratio, and now, they seem to have plummeted down to the sixteenth spot. Indicating the areas of improvement, he said, “We need to get better in the penalty area. Tonight I think we took distant shots in an undeserving manner three times.”

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