Lazio Reportedly Eyeing Four Left-Back Candidates, Fabiani’s Top Picks

Lazio’s transfer market has heated up as the club intensifies its search for a left-back to strengthen the squad for manager Baroni.

According to a report from Corriere dello Sport, there are four main candidates on Fabiani’s list.

The well-known names of Cabral and Doig feature prominently, but they are not the only options being considered.

“The club is exploring all possibilities to find the right fit for our tactical requirements,” a source close to Fabiani was quoted as saying by Corriere dello Sport.

While Cabral and Doig are widely discussed, the other two potential additions remain under wraps, but are believed to possess the qualities desired by the Lazio staff.

Manager Baroni is eagerly awaiting the new addition to bolster the team’s defence.

“The inclusion of a competent left-back is vital for our upcoming campaigns,” Baroni commented, as reported by Corriere dello Sport.

The club’s management is expected to accelerate efforts in the transfer market to finalise one of these options swiftly.

Stay tuned for further updates as Lazio aims to complete their defensive line-up.

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