Lazio: Maurizio Sarri’s uncertainties for the Coppa Italia

With only a few hours left to the Lazio vs Roma Coppa Italia derby, Lazio’s coach Maurizio Sarri faces significant line-up decisions. As reported by Italian news outlet Il Messagero, the defence is of particular concern for the Tuscan technician.

Patric and Marusic are reportedly the only ones certain to secure a spot in Lazio’s backline. There is intense competition at the centre between Romagnoli, who recently returned to the pitch against Udinese, and Gila. The latter is believed to form a solid partnership with his compatriot.

On the other hand, Lazzari seems to be ahead of Pellegrini for a place on the flank. Pellegrini just recently had his first taste of joy in Serie A at Udine. This match represents an opportunity for a spot in the Coppa Italia semi-finals.

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