Lazio, Lotito: We are the capital’s leading team, on the stadium…

Claudio Lotito, the president of Lazio football club, made a speech at the city hall on the occasion of the club’s 124th anniversary.

During his speech, Lotito said, “We are quite pleased as we come from a game that confirms we are the primary team in the Capital. We always strive to win with merit, I always tell this to my players.” Mr. Lotito’s wave of optimism echoed throughout the city hall, signalling the ‘Biancocelesti’s’ commitment to bringing pride to their fans and the city of Rome.

Touching upon the infrastructure and economics of the club, he indirectly stated that they are building a strong club both from an infrastructural and economic perspective. He strongly dismissed any claims of discrimination or racism within the club, pointing to the president of the Shoah Foundation’s presence in the club’s board of directors. He went on to state that being a Lazio supporter is a way of life, emphasizing pride, dignity, and respect.

On the topic of a new stadium for the club, Lotito subtly hinted at ongoing projects. He said, “I assure the Mayor that Lotito has not forgotten the stadium. We are moving ahead with a sound policy, of the ant and not the cicada.” While not explicitly confirmed, these remarks suggest work on a new stadium may well be underway.

In response to accusations that he wanted to exploit the situation for profit, Lotito ended his speech asserting, “It was said that Lotito wanted to speculate, but I will present a recovery of a situation that represents the pride of Romans. I am convinced that on a political level you, the Mayor, will be in favor.”

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