Lotito Sees No Sense In Adding More Players to Lazio

Lazio President, Claudio Lotito, has spoken to Il Messaggero about the club’s transfer strategies and plans.

“We carefully considered whether to buy anyone, we even thought about it, but it doesn’t make sense to add any pieces, who would also need to get used to the environment. We do not want to alter the balance of the locker room. Now everyone will return, including Immobile at his best. Basic was already out of the project, nobody has been transferred, so we are competitive for the Champions League. And disturbing certain hierarchies is worse. The coach agrees too,” said Lotito according to Il Messaggero.

The Lazio boss emphasised that they had weighed their options before deciding against adding any new players to the squad. They carefully contemplated the pros and cons of altering the existing team dynamic and opted for stability over potentially destabilising new additions.

Lotito reinforced that the current Lazio line-up, which includes star player Immobile, is already fully equipped to compete for the Champions League. He also confirmed that Basic was no longer involved in Lazio’s plans, and that no other player transfers had taken place. The president expressed satisfaction with the team’s current status, implying a confident outlook for the coming season.

Lotito also stressed the importance of maintaining the club’s existing hierarchies, suggesting that new player inclusions could potentially be disruptive. He added that the Lazio coach is in agreement with this strategic approach to the transfer market.

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