Lavezzi’s brother pleads on social media: Stop making things up

Diego, the brother of Ezequiel ‘Pocho’ Lavezzi, has spoken out on social media about the continuing coverage surrounding his sibling.

Responding to recent reports, Diego has used his online platform to express his frustration with the way his brother’s situation has been portrayed in the media. He was quoted as saying, “Enough with inventing nonsense. Respect for him and for the family. Hospitalized, what nonsense! Let’s talk about our country that is now really messed up.”

His comments call for the media to shift their focus from his brother’s circumstances to more pressing issues affecting their country. He used strong words to convey his exasperation over what he believes to be fabricated news narratives. With this statement, Diego has essentially redirected public discourse, insisting that the country’s ongoing challenges need to take precedence over individual stories.

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