Last-minute success for Pinardi and Rossini in Bologna-Atalanta 2002/2003 showdown

In a thrilling last-minute comeback, Atalanta, led by coach Giovanni Vavassori, managed to clinch a win against Bologna at Dall’Ara, thanks in part to standout performances from Pinardi and Fausto Rossini. It is well known that achieving a win at Dall’Ara is never a simple feat, particularly when all predictions favoured the home team. However, the 2002-2003 season saw Atalanta prove that everything can change within 90 minutes, even during the very last second.

On 9th February 2003, Vavassori’s Atalanta showed signs of recovery with draws, a tight league table, and an imperative need to secure points, despite Cristiano Doni’s absence at Emilia. In contrast, Bologna presented a formidable side, led by Beppe Signori and strongly set on a trajectory towards Europe, after narrowly missing out on the Champions League the previous year.

After 28 minutes into the match, Atalanta took the lead. A strategic move from Dabò to Rossini, who set up Pinardi, translated into an impressive goal for Atalanta. This marked Pinardi’s prime form, fresh from scoring goals against Modena and Juventus. At the end of the first half, Beppe Signori made attempts at goal, but Pinardi, in vintage form, made it 2-0 with a right footer on the post.

However, the match was far from over as swift dynamics could reopen the game, especially with two penalties; the first following Zenoni’s restraining of Cruz and the second due to Natali’s handball. When Signori took to the penalty spot, he didn’t miss, leading to yet another comeback for Atalanta. Nevertheless, Atalanta did not yield, and with just three seconds left, Tramezzani crossed from the left. None of the other players made it, except for Fausto Rossini who clinched a final 2-3 for Atalanta.

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