Kean reportedly spotted at Viola Park as first images emerge in Florence – Social Media BuZZ

Moise Kean has officially joined Fiorentina.

The former Juventus forward has arrived at Viola Park, where he will soon be donning the famous purple kit for the first time.

Kean is slated to undergo his medical examinations tomorrow, followed by the signing of his contract.

“The excitement is palpable, and we are eager to see what Kean will bring to the pitch,” said a club representative earlier today.

Earlier today, Moise Kean was seen at Rocco B. Commisso Viola Park, marking his first appearance as a Fiorentina player.

Fans and onlookers caught glimpses of Kean’s arrival, and the club’s social media channels were abuzz with images and hashtags: #forzaviola and #fiorentina.

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