Juve’s McKennie: Back to Win, I Want the Scudetto

Juventus midfielder, Weston McKennie, has spoken about the initial part of the season and his return to the club during an interview with 8by8.

McKennie acknowledged that he had not performed to his best during his time at Leeds United. He said, “When I left Leeds, I knew I had not made a good impression.” He expressed that he did not get the opportunity he thought or perhaps should have got. This experience brought him to a mindset where he viewed his return to Juventus as a new beginning, as if he was joining the club for the first time. “I have to prove who I am again,” he added.

As for his goals, the American player is clear, “I just want to be here, contribute as much as possible and achieve something that I haven’t yet, which is to win the league.” He expressed his desire to put Juventus back to its highly regarded position. McKennie mentions a two-fold plan, “We all want to succeed. Our plan A now is to qualify for the Champions League and win the league.”

He also talked about his friendships within the club, stating it always feels good to have that kind of backup, as it’s like family away from home. He mentioned spending most of his time with teammates Tim and Moise Kean, stating, “I’m so sociable that I can have fun with any of the team’s players. But I tend to spend time with Tim and Moise Kean more than anyone else.”

Certainly, Weston McKennie’s return to Juventus appears to be one of rejuvenation and determination, both for his personal performance and the success of the club.

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