Juve’s Cambiaso: Allegri has made me a smarter player

Juventus winger, Andrea Cambiaso, recently shared insights on his introspective journey and ongoing season with the Serie A team during an interview with ‘Dazn Talks’.

The player openly discussed his evolving relationship with coach Massimiliano Allegri, his staff, and fellow Tuscan, Landucci. Cambiaso warmly appreciated their camaraderie, saying, “They are Tuscan, amiable, and approachable. We have a lot of fun together.”

He expressed that his experience on the field is gradually transforming under Allegri’s guidance. Cambiaso admitted, “Allegri is changing me, I realise I have slowly become more thoughtful on the pitch, where previously I was more impulsive.” Allegri often advised the young player against excessive eagerness to seize the ball, which oftentimes led to mistimed runs and missed opportunities.

Cambiaso was quoted as saying, “Now, I am more patient, smarter on the field and trying to understand situations better.” He admits noticing a substantial improvement in his game, attributing it to a newfound balance instilled during his time with Allegri.

According to Cambiaso, this mindful equilibrium compensates for his impulsive reactions, helping him cope better with both uplifting and disheartening experiences on the field. He declared, “This balance is what I’ve improved on the most.”

Thus, under Allegri’s mentorship, Cambiaso seems to be blossoming, not only as a skillful player but as an insightful sportsperson.

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