Juve’s Calciomercato indicates a top player may be propelled towards England due to a clause

Transfer Market: Juventus risks losing a crucial team member, with a clause favouring Premier League’s heavyweights. As reported by Corriere dello Sport, Gleison Bremer may leave Juventus at the end of this season due to a rather lenient release clause inserted into his contract post his recent renewal.

The said clause allegedly involves a sum of around 55 million euros, which is more than 10% … The specifics of the clause have not been fully disclosed yet. While it remains uncertain which club Bremer may be headed to in case of his departure, Premier League’s top tier clubs are believed to be the prime beneficiaries of the situation.

These assertions, however, should be greeted with a certain degree of scepticism until solid information surfaces. Regardless, the potential loss of such an important player is poised to be a significant blow for Juventus.

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