Juventus receive unequivocal signals from Morata as Giuntoli plans to close deal

Álvaro Morata dreams of a grand return to Juventus. According to reports from Corriere dello Sport, the Spanish striker, currently participating in the European Championship, is keen to be back in the famous black and white stripes.

The signals sent by Morata are unmistakable. Cristiano Giuntoli, Juventus’ sporting director, is fully aware and is determined not to let this golden opportunity slip by.

“Morata is very eager to come back to Juventus, and his enthusiasm is clear,” a source close to the club disclosed to Corriere dello Sport.

Juventus is reportedly devising a strategic plan to secure the player’s return. Giuntoli is said to be working tirelessly behind the scenes to make this major deal happen.

“Giuntoli’s plan to bring Morata back is already in motion. He doesn’t want to miss out on such a promising addition to the squad,” stated another insider, as quoted by the Italian daily.

With Morata’s strong desire and Juventus’ proactive approach, this transfer could be the highlight of the summer window.

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