Juve Reportedly Keen on Schelotto

Former Inter winger, Ezequiel Schelotto, has spoken to Tuttosport about Juventus’s latest signing, Carlos Alcaraz, who used to be his teammate at Racing.

Schelotto has high praise for Alcaraz, according to Tuttosport. “Juve has really made a great coup by acquiring Carlos Alcaraz. We’re talking about an incredible talent who is destined to become a top international player in a couple of years. In Argentina, he’s been considered a prodigy for a while, so much so that even Messi predicted a bright future for him.”

Schelotto also draws parallels between Alcaraz’s abilities and those of former Juventus players. “He can play as a right half-back. That, for me, is his ideal role. Alcaraz is good at making runs into the goal area and has an excellent long shot. He’s also skilled with both feet. He has a lot of quality. However, Carlos is also someone who never shies away from a challenge and provides a great defensive help to the team. Let’s just say if there’s a fight in the middle of the field: he makes himself heard.”

Schelotto’s comparison did not stop there. He adds, “If I have to name a former Juventus player, Marchisio immediately comes to mind. Like Claudio, he performs the half-back role offensively and has the ability to score various goals. If you ask me to compare him with an Argentine midfielder, I would liken him to De Paul. He has many similar characteristics to Rodrigo. However, Carlos is a bit more offensive, but less present defensively even though they have many similarities in their role interpretation.”

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