Juve reportedly begins new era under Motta: Squad for the future takes shape

Yesterday marked the first day of Thiago Motta as Juventus’ head coach, with visits to the J-Medical facility and an engagement with fans.

The Thiago Motta era at Juventus has officially begun.

Sporting a training shirt and shorts, the new manager toured the J Medical and Continassa facilities.

Motta also had his first encounter with supporters.

In the midst of these initial activities, the transfer market remains active.

This new chapter in Juventus’ history starts with a passionate and determined Motta, ready to take on the challenges ahead.

“Meeting the fans on my first day felt incredible,” Motta said, quoted by the club’s official website.

He added, “I am excited to contribute to the success of this great club.”

Juventus will now focus on implementing Motta’s strategies and integrating new players to reinforce the squad.

Fans are eager to see how these changes will shape the team’s performance in the upcoming season.

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